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Player Items

Time: 2014-07-01 15:26:48


We can get the player item via challenge each of the nation team’s dungeons, there are jerseys, shin pad, glove and football shoes available in game, each item will enhance different attribute to player. Jersey improves the ability of passing, dribbling and shooting skill. Shin pad improve the ability intercept and steal. Glove improve the ability of goal saving and awareness. Football shoe improve the ability of speed and explosive.

Player must distribute the item wisely. First of all, the best item doesn’t need to give it to the best player compulsory, because the player themselves high attribute, football is a team game, there’s no solo can win the game, allocate the good quality equipment to weaker player, able to make your team stronger in every single part. Secondly, suitability of item, example glove, its give goal saving and awareness, does a striker need goal saving?

Suggestion item to equip (first to last):
Glove: Goalkeeper— midfield — striker — defender

Football shoe: forward (Winger) – Side defender – Midfield— mid defender— Goalkeeper

Jersey: midfield—Striker—defender—goalkeeper

Shin pad: defender—midfield—striker—goalkeeper