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Player Introduction

Time: 2014-07-01 15:21:45


1. How to get player?

There are hundreds of famous stars in game, users can recruit them via events or function such as star making factory, half of fame, or Be a Pro.
After users recruited players, they able to check and enhance in “My player” function.

2. About player’s attribute and quality?
Player’s quality divided into: D, C, B,A, S, SS
Player profile divided into: Star, Superstar, Master, Legendary
The higher of player’s quality, higher the player attribute.

3. Equipment to enhance player skill
Player’s equipment: Glove, Jersey, football shoe, shin pad.
Way to get equipment: Player can get the equipment by challenge the Greenery Road in each country’s national team, challenge the higher ranking the greater probability of obtaining high-quality equipment, challenge the more difficult nation team will get higher quality equipment.

4. Player Upgrade
Player can be upgraded by swallow player’s card, different quality of card provide different experience.

5. Player breakthrough
B, A, S, SS rank player card will stop upgrading when reaching certain level, must swallow a same card with the player u wanted to breakthrough to continue upgrading level.

6. Player Enhancement
B, A, S, SS rank player card can do enhancement. The player attribute stat will improve after the enhancement.
Player card enhancement must use the same quality of card to do so.
Enhancement has probability of success, use more card to improve the probability of success.

7. Player Reborn
S rank card can do player reborn, after reborn the card will turn to SS rank, player ability will get a big improvement.
S rank card reborn condition: When S rank card reached maximum level, use 3 cards same with the reborn player card to do player reborn.

Players can challenge the Green road in each country's national team, earning, challenges to get the star, the higher the greater the probability of obtaining high-quality equipment, level of equipment the more difficult side of the higher